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We're Drowning in a Plastic World.

Try to go through your day without using plastic. It’s practically impossible. Even if you’re a zero-waster you’ll encounter it at work, at the coffeehouse, at your favorite restaurant, at your next doctor appointment, even during a swim at the beach. Our plastic world is scarier than it’s shiny, durable, convenient facade let’s on. Yet, the full impact of our dependence on plastic is about as flimsy as those grocery plastic bags.

Plastic can be a useful resource but single use plastic is an unsustainable waste of that resource.


What does Fair Trade & Ethically Made shopping look like?

Brightly painted orange, yellow, and school busses buzz by as the video pans to an indigenous woman surrounded by a rainbow of flowers. We soon realize we’re on the outskirts of market. Closer in patterned tapestries hang creating invisible walls between vendors. This is the first look at Utz Threads, a women’s weaving cooperative from Chichicastenango, a mountainous region in Guatemala. Born out of the ancestral art of weaving and the very modern need of working in a global economy, Utz Threads offers handmade products that function in a modern world with traditional techniques.


Where is We The Wildflowers today?


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